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The heart of Ode

Making clothes seems to be the story of her life since she was born. Haute couture is her profession for more than 25 years. Aesthetics lead every aspect of her life… from food and entertainment to fashion. She adores women that take care of their external appearance but what really thrills her is the beauty that springs from inside!

She believes that the essence of life can be found in a hot cup of coffee in the morning while watching the sea, in the eyes and the smile of her children while growing and blossom or in a vase of fresh flowers.

She loves the sun, travelling and eating with friends. Little things are enough to make her smile or… cry!


The soul of Ode

Though she was an academic, her love for aesthetics and fashion was what really fascinated her. Eleni is the one who breathed into Liana Pateronis the idea to implement the sur mesure concept of ODE. She loves women and chatting with them. But more than everything, she loves to see them beautiful, comfortable and confident with themselves. Her perceptiveness is the key for recognizing the true insights in the way we dress.

She also has the “custody” of every detail of the brand. She believes in minimalism, discreet luxury and timeless design.

She is also a mother of two children who adores more than anything in the world.